Monday, January 21, 2008

Grateful Dead Live at Knickerbocker Arena on 1990-03-25 (March 25, 1990)

Another AUD from "Dozin' at The Knick". The next night.

Collection: GratefulDead
Band/Artist: Grateful Dead
Date: March 25, 1990 (check for other copies)
Venue: Knickerbocker Arena
Location: Albany, NY

Source: FOB Schoeps CMC4/MK21> Oade Cap Coupled Supply> Dat (Panasonic SV250/48k)> Dat (Cloned From Master)
Lineage: Dat (Sony R500)> Behringer UltraMatch SRC2000> SEK'D Prodif Plus> Samplitude v7.02 Professional> SHN
Taped by: Ted Mattes
Transferred by: Charlie Miller
Keywords: Live concert

Greatest Story Ever Told, Touch Of Gray, Wang Dang Doodle, Good Time Blues, Jack A Roe, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Bird Song, Let It Grow Eyes Of The World, Samson & Delilah, Crazy Fingers-> Truckin'-> Spoonful-> Drums-> Jam-> I Will Take You Home-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Black Peter-> Around & Around, E: The Mighty Quinn



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