Monday, April 09, 2012

Grateful Dead Live at Family Dog at the Great Highway on 1969-08-30 (August 30, 1969)

A 41 minute fragment from this tape has circulated for years, usually mislabeled "Family Dog 8/29/69" but sometimes also mislabeld "Family Dog 6/5/69" or "Fillmore West 6/5/69." This fragment contains the last 17:50 of Dark Star through the first 3:28 of High Time.

Collection: GratefulDead
Band/Artist: Grateful Dead
Date: August 30, 1969 (check for other copies)
Venue: Family Dog at the Great Highway
Location: San Francisco, CA

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Master Soundboard Reel > Cass > DAT > CD > EAC (secure) > mkwACT > SHN (no SBE's)
Transferred by: Seth Kaplan and Steve Barbella
Keywords: Live concert


China Cat Sunflower > Doin' That Rag, Morning Dew, Easy Wind, Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven, High Time



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